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# The UK comics were the only actual Transformers continuity
Everything else was bullshit.

I had something like 175 of the first 215 or so comics. Then I threw them all out when I was 14 :(

Edit: haha, emvee's linked to that wiki before and each time I've fallen to temptation and lost enormous amounts of time, both in nostalgia and wondering who on Earth found the time to write all of that. (Silly question: emvee did.)
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 11:51, archived)
# I've still got a near-complete collection
but if you just want to catch up you can torrent the whole series as .cbr files - which I find far easier than actually getting out of my chair these days

[edit] Haha, yeah, a lot of the more obscure pages are down to me :/
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 11:53, archived)
# Oh you utter bastard, its started.
I worked out how to chuck comics on my Ereader the other day, this isn't going to end well!

Anyone a pink floyd fan around these parts by the way?
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 11:56, archived)
# Oh fantastic!
I shall do that, even if it makes me feel even nerdier than I already am. A lot of my comics were in terrible nick by the time I chucked them, in all honesty. Lying scattered all over a bedroom and being trodden on by boy and dog alike doesn't do much for a comic.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 11:59, archived)
# There was one narrative about a smelting pool or something like that.
Where old Transformers got melted down in a giant pit. I remember reading about it when I was of sick as a kid. Whilst I made my mum rent The Shining on VHS for me.

It definitely didn't fuck me up.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 12:07, archived)
# Poor Scrounge
Blaster rescued him from the smelting pool by pulling him out, only to find he'd completely melted away below the chest, and Scrounge begged him to drop him back in and let him die. Quite graphic for a kids' comic but it definitely didn't fuck me up.

*hides Transformers tattoo*
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 12:09, archived)
# I think I'm about to overdose on nostalgia.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 12:12, archived)
# There was a full set on Ebay the other day
Sorely tempted!
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 11:58, archived)