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# The great Flouncequake of 2011 took LS18, who posted a fair bit.
The aftershocks have rippled into 2012, claiming a few other frequent participants.
Twitter also claimed a large chunk of b3tans about 18 months ago. The conversations that used to be held on here were taken elsewhere, and many of those that departed rarely return.
Normally, these gaps are filled by new members, but the days of Newbie Tuesday being awash with 'L' plates also seems to have fallen dramatically.

The reasons for this are legion, and I'm sure most people have their own opinions as to what those reasons are.

EDIT: Add to that a distinct lack of Valin.
(, Sun 6 May 2012, 12:25, archived)
# Personally, I blame the scapegoats.
Those bastadrs.
(, Sun 6 May 2012, 12:28, archived)
# Bastadrs!
(, Sun 6 May 2012, 12:42, archived)
*shakes fist with furious strong!*
(, Sun 6 May 2012, 12:54, archived)