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# Goalmouth scramble LOLs
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 10:52, archived)
# proud sportbol enthusiasts
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 10:54, archived)
# Up the Poles!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 10:54, archived)
# Cunt him in the fuck, Barry!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 10:56, archived)
# i'm going home, bye everyone
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 10:57, archived)
# The unifying power of sport.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 10:58, archived)
# sadly, this had nothing to do with sportballs though.
The Poles were, naturally, a tad upset that the Ruskies decided to have a Russia day march through Krakow, the day the two teams were playing each other.

Tad short sighted on UEFA's part.

Bit like having England play Germany, in Berlin on VE-day
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:20, archived)
# The people that were fighting wanted to fight.
Yes, it was Russia Day; yes, the Russians were in Poland
But neither of these things caused yesterday's troubles.

It was the fact that small groups, (within both sets of fans), love nothing better than a punch up - and they knew exactly where and when to get one.

I'm not dismissing the bad blood that exists between the two countries, but I think it's being used as an excuse for idiots that simply like to thump other idiots.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:38, archived)
# Fair enough
and that's the exact same argument people should use when they talk about football hooligans.
Football doesn't make them thugs. they are just thugs
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:42, archived)
# Exactly! And the same with wars.
Most of us don't start those either.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:43, archived)
# Well, I start them but nobody ever wants to join in
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:05, archived)
# I personally don't think football is violent enough
I'd prefer it if the teams played with the severed head of an enemy tribe
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:03, archived)
# The traditional way.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:01, archived)
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:01, archived)
# RIGHT up the mancunt
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:03, archived)
# are we blaming football for this?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:20, archived)
# some people are
because they see people in football shirts beating each other up.

That shit happens every friday night.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:21, archived)
# football is a sport, plain and simple...
it's a popular one which attracts fans from all walks of life across the wide spectrum of society.

It's the same as blaming video games for the violent actions of the stupid, or mentally-unhinged.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:25, archived)
# I blame video games for everything
Missed my train this morning cos I was playing CoD til 4 in the morning.

Bastard video games.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:27, archived)
# Is this post a Lana Del Rey remix?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:30, archived)
# You kids, and your music
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:06, archived)
# but then you dont tend to get this sort of thing at a cricket match.
Or rugby, or snooker, or the olympics.

Maybe darts.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:38, archived)
# so, again, it's the sport's fault?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:54, archived)
# It is perhaps the organisers of the sport's
fault for not being harsher on the punishments given to troublemakers.

Ultimately, I think that people often enjoy sport by feeling that they belong to a crowd, rather than for the sport itself, and herd mentality can be dangerous if not controlled.

Football has been allowed to get the reputation of being a thuggish sport, and so it is now going to attract those types.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:03, archived)
# I feel "tribalism" is a better term for this sort of thing than "herd mentality".
"Herd mentality" covers the relentless churn of consumerist fashions ("OMG must buy teh new hawt thing 'cos everyone else is!!!111one") nicely; but "there's an arbitrary difference between us and them, let's bash the shit out of each other" distinctly reminds me of that scene from the start of 2001 where the apeman tribes... bash the shit out of each other over an arbitrary difference between them.

Your sentiment's spot on, anyhow.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:16, archived)
# so, it's not the sport...
it's the organisers of said sport, i.e. it's governing body.

That I agree with.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:25, archived)
# to a certain extent.
In what other sport do you see highly paid professional players remonstrating aggressively with a match official, cheating to gain competitive advantage or taunting opposing fans? Often without any penalty.
Football has an underlying culture of aggression which transfers easily to an impressionable (and usually boozed-up) audience.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:09, archived)
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:25, archived)
# yes, 22 men kicking a ball round a field is intrinsically harmless.
what was your point again?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:43, archived)
# that blaming "football" is fucking ridiculous.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:53, archived)
# If the rules of the game encourage, or do not regulate against loutish behaviour then i dont think it's ridiculous at all
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:16, archived)
# where in the rules does it say it's encouraged?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:32, archived)
# also... I'd like to know what percentage of these hooligans were actually AT the game...
I'd wager than the WEREN'Ts outweigh the WEREs
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:35, archived)
# football has a referee, boxing has a referee, it's obviously a fight innit?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:35, archived)
# blaming "football" for the idiotic actions of the few knuckle-dragging fans
is like blaming freedom of speech for peaceful protests turning into violent clashes
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:42, archived)
# I love football and I love senseless violence, but which is better...?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:45, archived)
# haha!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:49, archived)
# it's interesting that football clubs in this country generally pick up the bill for the extra policing required on match days.
If hoolganism wasnt attributable to football, do you think they would be prepared to do this?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:31, archived)
# it's not attributed to football...
it's, again, attributed to the stupid actions of the minority.
This isn't that complicated.
Again, blaming football for the violence of those who participate or spectate is like blaming
violent video games for the failings of those who play them for not realising that it's not real - or blaming rap music for an increase in gang violence.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:39, archived)
# A stupid, violent minority that does not exist in the audience of most other sports?
What is it about football that attracts this sort of supporter?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:48, archived)
# it's popularity, especially with those from disadvantaged backgrounds
probably the fact that two people can play at least some form of football; whether it be pass-and-shoot, heads-and-volleys, two-touch, etc... whereas most other sports rely on a full team structure...

another aspect, at least at my school, is that football is used as a way to placate unruly students in a case of "just give them football and shut them up", without tackling (lol) and underlying issue.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 15:21, archived)
# ahh, so it's poor people, not football, that are to blame
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 16:20, archived)
# ahhh.... right...
so you're just deliberately being obtuse...
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 16:33, archived)
# not at all, just trying to get to the bottom of your reasoning.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 16:40, archived)
# it's simple... humans are the masters of their own destiny...
I watch football, porn, violent movies etc and play violent video games and can watch football without wanting to attack others.

so one can't blame a sport for the actions choose to take.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 17:20, archived)
# plus, is that Tony Soprano in the middle?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:21, archived)
# Yes, and Wayne Rooney on the left.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:22, archived)
# That motherfucker's full of shit. He's shaking me down Carmela!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:23, archived)
# Another thing...
aren't 3/4 length jeans a little, well... y'know, queer?!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:28, archived)
# Are you suggesting...
...that people who enjoy watching 22 athletic men running round a field in shorts are somehow, well, different?
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:50, archived)
# yes...
all sport is for puffs!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:56, archived)
They're not after the shorts, or the athleticism. It's the group bathing afterwards that's the attraction...
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:45, archived)
# I love the way they say that they won't watch women's football because men's football is "better"
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:45, archived)
# real dykes don't look like porn dykes
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:49, archived)
I don't get it.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:47, archived)
# Strike him with your glove, Dimitri! *chortle*
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:10, archived)
# I used to have a pair of those Sambas
Awesome five-a-side shoes :)
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:11, archived)
# Fuck his fucking shit right up.
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:43, archived)
# *fucks shit up*
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:52, archived)
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 12:54, archived)
# Oi Oi!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:02, archived)
# never let a game get in the way of a good fight, that's what I always say!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 13:42, archived)
# Harder!
(, Wed 13 Jun 2012, 14:27, archived)