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(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 14:05, archived)
# ^this
but more 'husbands should stop being abusive in the first place' rather than 'women should leave them'
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 14:06, archived)
# Top stuff mushy!
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 14:17, archived)
# Strangle her in public and give no fucks about who sees you do it, because nobody will bother to intervene.
"Get Away With It"
For Men.
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 15:17, archived)
# I'v intervened 4 times....
On each and every occasion, I'v finished up fighting with the bloke in front of me with the woman behind me trying to then hit the bloke because I was there protecting her, and me being in the middle attacked from front and back, I don't ever bother any more :-(
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 15:26, archived)
You don't intervene, for that exact reason.

If you challenge him he'll fight back. That's just dumb. Don't invite a confrontation, no matter how gallant you think you're being. Instead you should just stand too close, hover around and generally force him to be aware of your presence. Break their privacy and he'll stop, because it's a big jump from hitting his missus to picking a fight with a stranger. I've done this a dozen times, in spendy restaurants as well as in airports, furniture stores and rough council estate pubs, yet my nose remains as linear and handsome as the day I was pooped.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 12:39, archived)
# I once saw a women get hit by her bloke in town. I asked if she was ok
and she hit me in the face and told me to mind my own fucking business.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 13:57, archived)
# They have nice lugage :-)
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 15:23, archived)
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 15:24, archived)
# Mutha!
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 15:28, archived)
(, Sun 16 Jun 2013, 16:20, archived)
# My marriage is working just fine thanks. Managed a whole 2 days so far.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 16:42, archived)
# I saw this yesterday, and I was like "well that's all very well and good, but I have no idea what your point is".
Then, later on, I saw some news, but I didn't make the connection.

It wasn't until today that I saw this again, and it clicked. Excellent work.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 22:17, archived)
# It's a nice image
But I'm still kind of RISing. What is the news story?
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 23:12, archived)
# In a nutshell, and any news outlet you like re: Charles Saatchi.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 23:20, archived)
# Ah right., Nigella.
Yeah. That was too subtle/ I am too stupid.
(, Tue 18 Jun 2013, 6:48, archived)
# Haha
Oh dear, if I'm being that esoteric... ;)

Thanks, though!
(, Mon 17 Jun 2013, 23:24, archived)
# penny dropped
It took a while for me too, but when it did - BANG.
(, Tue 18 Jun 2013, 2:24, archived)
and the dirt is gone!
(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 18:17, archived)
# excellent stuff
though you should have made that into a playful gif.
(, Wed 19 Jun 2013, 3:19, archived)