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[challenge entry] WEET

I didn't know it did that...

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(, Wed 21 Jul 2004, 7:07, archived)
# did you take these pics yourself?
even the red one? if so, that's some nice stop motion!

EDIT: Good Night! Too exhausted to carry on -- I guess the King Fart Turd rage must've ebbed........... etc.
(, Wed 21 Jul 2004, 7:11, archived)
# Yes/No
The background pic I took myself when I wanted to do something more with the knife, which at the time did only jumping jacks.

(, Wed 21 Jul 2004, 7:32, archived)
# they are beautiful RedXs, you must be so proud
what are you hosting them on? have you tried
(, Wed 21 Jul 2004, 8:18, archived)