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[challenge entry] I am sure some people will disagree
but I think

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(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:35, archived)
# i hate marmite :)
(i quite like marmites advertising as it is, though :)
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:36, archived)
# never dis marmite
you have been warned
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:37, archived)
# I like it
but it just smells horrible. Same as soy sauce.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:38, archived)
# it smells LOVELY!
and it tastes great!
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:37, archived)
# i rest
my case
thank you, your honour
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:40, archived)
# oh come off it,
you two don't even like kittens - you're both clearly wrong! :)

I quite like Marmite sometimes.
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:45, archived)
# i do like kittens
just in small doses.
I knew you liked marmite really
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 13:54, archived)
# I certainly have to agree
with this :)
(, Fri 10 Jan 2003, 14:01, archived)
Marmite looks good, smells good and tastes GREAT. You can't like the taste of something you hate the smell of coz the two senses are directly linked. Ever noticed that things always taste how they smell? Like those smelly pens.. they obviously have no flavour but if u scribble on your hand with one and lick it, it tastes like it smells - especially the mint and strawberry smelly pens. Ok, I'm straying from the subject a bit now and I'm waffling so I'll shut up. MARMITE RULES!
(, Sat 11 Jan 2003, 16:24, archived)