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# :)
(, Wed 30 Jan 2008, 21:02, archived)
# why is this being fp'd when its bindun ?
no offence happytoast. the b3ta guidelines state that 'joke is more important than technique'. where as this joke has been done this is just better technique.
(, Wed 30 Jan 2008, 23:00, archived)
# because it looks good and is a good advert for the site
which is essentially what the FP is about

there's always binduns on the FP
(, Thu 31 Jan 2008, 11:03, archived)
# none taken :)
but what if technique and hard work is utterly huge, then can it outweigh the bindunness?

I honestly hadn't seen Tomsk's before and was probably away from B3ta working on this when he reposted it
(, Thu 31 Jan 2008, 13:07, archived)