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[challenge entry]
(, Mon 19 Feb, 6:55, More)
[challenge entry] legwarmers aren't so cheap when you have to buy them in bulk
(, Sun 18 Feb, 15:28, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Sun 18 Feb, 13:04, More)
# no reason
(, Thu 15 Feb, 15:30, More)
(, Sat 17 Feb, 16:53, More)
# Apply at rear entrance
(, Sat 17 Feb, 14:04, More)
# Also
(, Sat 17 Feb, 9:12, More)
[challenge entry] cheetara's let herself go
(, Fri 16 Feb, 14:28, More)
# One for LS18...
(, Fri 16 Feb, 16:01, More)
[challenge entry] Bloody show-off!
(, Fri 16 Feb, 11:09, More)
# Faith, Hope and Charity ... I dunno what the other one is called.
(, Fri 16 Feb, 9:11, More)
[challenge entry] he's not skipped leg day though
(, Fri 16 Feb, 13:21, More)

You hear about gym bunnies, but what about the rest of the animal kingdom? Show us how your favourite beasts work out.
(, Fri 16 Feb, 10:12, More)
# Schoolchild avoids massacring classmates with this one weird old trick.
The NRA hates him!
(, Thu 15 Feb, 21:16, More)
# RIP Mystery_Bob
Some days
I really regret writing specific numbers in the FAQ. It has just given rise to a cult of people waiting with baited breath to pounce on anybody posting an image 2 or 3 KB over a limit that I just happened to pull out of my ass with no scientific reasoning behind it.

It's about using optimisation to make your images no larger than they need to be, rather than sticking rigidly to a number. If there are any problematically huge pictures on the board, then there are mods who can fix it.

One thing I have learned on b3ta over the years though, is that people like to define a set of board rules so they can pick on new people when they break one of those rules.

I think it probably has to do with compensating for penis size.
(, Thu 15 Feb, 23:08, More)
# No, it doeszhn't pay like the shecret shervish, but it'sh a shimple life

(, Fri 16 Feb, 3:50, More)
# I'm hoping if I push the image challenge vote off the board it will activate the chosen image challenge
(, Thu 15 Feb, 22:22, More)
# :-)
(, Thu 15 Feb, 15:42, More)
# The ongoing saga of looking the other way.
(, Thu 15 Feb, 17:41, More)
# Who says board games aren't legitimate investigative tools?
(, Thu 15 Feb, 8:52, More)

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