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Valin tribute thread for his b3ta day, on main board
Seems we all loved Valin and we all miss him being here, so my idea is simple, instead of all missing him, let's celebrate him as only b3ta can by having a tribute thread to celebrate his forthcoming b3ta day.

As far as I can tell by looking at his profile, his b3ta day will fall on the 22nd of December. and this is the date I have selected for the celebration thread, at 20.00 or 8.00pm. (but due to the way b3ta days are worked out this maybe incorrect) if this date is incorrect I will amend the date accordingly.

If you sign up for this and the date does change I will gaz each and every one of you to tell you, or just keep your eyes peeled here.

The theame of the thread is simple.

Celebrate Valin in whatever way you like.

But please no reposts, he's worth the effort to do something new.

So the choice is yours,

Do an animation in the style of the man himself.

Do a still picture in homage to him.

Do an artz.

Show us what havoc he is wreaking in Heaven with his wacky style.

Make him the best b3ta candle ever.

Scribble Valin in MS paint.

Or just act like him and give each other a kind comment that makes no sense at all! ;-)

Whatever you want in your own style.

Just be there or be square! I'll kick it off at around 8.00pm'ish

Don't forget, the date may change but I will update this.
Sat 22 Dec 2012, 20:00

Main board

Valin tribute thread for his b3ta day, on main board

Going: The invisable man, Captain Howdy, BorisKarloff, Smash Monkey, MadCatMan, Gruffi, polished turd, Tribs, Zank Frappa, Photoshop Bitch, Michael Ellis (11 people).

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 14:02, Reply)

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