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This is a normal post That's not my recollection
I remember quite a few people going "on the whole I think we'll be worse off if we vote to leave." Martin Lewis, who doesn't really have much of an axe to grind, and Jeremy Clarkson for another.

They seem to have been right. We seem to be worse off than we would have been had we not voted to leave, broadly. There is also mounting evidence to indicate that we will suffer much more if we exit the customs union.

If your reason for being pleased is that although we are suffering as a country (inflation, exchange rate, skilled & unskilled people leaving, fall in students, lower economic growth than predicted etc.) this is not as cataclysmic as SOME people said it would be, then I'm afraid I can't agree with your positive outlook.
(, Wed 13 Sep 2017, 14:00, Reply)