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This is a normal post People of Walmart
is one of the best websites ever.
(and no i have never appeared there)
but no it is not a more accurate view of americans... sorry to say... it is only what the inside of a walmart looks like.

i personally thought of starting one similar for Golden Corrals... but i won't go into one ever again even just to snap photos for income potential.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 4:50, Reply)
This is a normal post Whats a Golden Corrals?

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 6:07, Reply)
This is a normal post 'help yourself to happiness'
trust me on this... the website is not an accurate representation of how completely shit of an experience it is.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 6:12, Reply)
This is a normal post Everyone has to try it at least once
I think I lost three years off of my life, eating as much as I did there.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 11:57, Reply)