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This is a normal post He tried to come up with a witty retort, but this bungling fool sore Ali and ended up...
...lost for WORDS.

I love Ali, i was really upset at the opening of the Olympics, his nurse was forcing him to hold the flag and he wasn't having any of it, he was really gone, very upsetting.

"sore"? Yeah, sorry about that.
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 12:54, Reply)
This is a normal post i agree with you there bready
ali should not have been made to do that even if he wanted to. it was an eye opener for a lot of my friends who saw it, to realize that man was once a world champion. unless he did that for the publicity to gain more funding reasearch into his condition.
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 13:36, Reply)
This is a normal post
It was the fact that his nurse was so forceful and was trying to keep up appearances, she was nervously smiling whilst man-handling him to keep up appearances. I worried he's being denied his dignity when i saw it.
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 14:02, Reply)
This is a normal post I think it is a physical rather than a mental condition
so I assume he was more incapable than gone.

Shitty disease, though.
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 14:02, Reply)
This is a normal post That may be so, he was rough-housed by his nurse though, it wasn't nice.

(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 14:03, Reply)
This is a normal post Quick google suggests it can often lead to dementia.
Which if he has that then, yes, he shouldn't have been there as it would probably cause stress.

Can't remember how his nurse handled him tbh.
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 14:06, Reply)
This is a normal post I suspect he knew what he was getting into
and that beforehand, he might have asked his nurse to make sure he held
it up, even if he was struggling/not cooperating. I mean, I doubt it's
just some bird they got from a random hospital who dragged him out of
his home.

Shouldn't have done it either way.
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 20:19, Reply)