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This is a link post I don't know anything about this game or the show but I know a good trailer when I see it! Defiance.

(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 18:26, Reply)
This is a normal post Looks very interesting. I agree.

(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 18:53, Reply)
This is a normal post
It did look interesting until it turned into Starship Troopers.
(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 19:44, Reply)
This is a normal post Oooookay.
Defiance. A new game made by Trion (who previously did Rift, and have things like End of Nations on the horizon too), in concert with the Sy-Fi channel. The idea is that Sy-Fy make a TV series kind of on the fly, the plot being based on world events (and player choices to some degree) in the MMO.

It's a good idea in theory, but linking two niche markets like this got a lot of potential to go wrong. If the game is crap, people might not watch the series, and vice versa. It's an interesting experiment. A lot of game publishers are going to be watching with interest.

More info here, if you're interested:

And yes, that trailer is basically a TV interpretation of a PUG Raid taking on a zone event and boss. Hence the large number of corpses.
(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 19:46, Reply)
This is a normal post Cheers for the info. I'm becoming interested!

(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 21:06, Reply)
This is a normal post I always wonder what they do with the dead aliens...
I think the answer is in this Belgian Barbecue mix tape.
"Tastes like crab."
(, Fri 1 Feb 2013, 21:29, Reply)