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This is a link post Metallic booms in sky just before Hurricane Sandy hit
Would've browned my trousers somewhat.

Interesting - was widely reported so it's obviously something...

Though probably not this:

(which most people seem to be suggesting).

Somebody mentioned a "Skyquake" which, apparently, is an aural disturbance caused by two opposing fronts slapping together.

I had an oral disturbance last time yer maw's fronts slapped together.
(, Thu 15 Nov 2012, 16:57, Reply)
This is a normal post that reminds me
of the Russian Atmospheric Link, I found photos of some of these things while exploring Google Maps.

I also just found this while trying to find that again
(, Thu 15 Nov 2012, 17:05, Reply)
This is a normal post wasn't this part of a viral advertising campaign?
plus that thumbnail is fake
(, Thu 15 Nov 2012, 17:25, Reply)
This is a normal post Picture is fake, HAARP is a favourite of tinfoil hatters and schizophrenics.
I think I already know how seriously to take this one.
(, Thu 15 Nov 2012, 17:27, Reply)