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This is a link post Rodeo Terrorists - One nation I made this!
I know I've posted this link before, but we released the album Last man standing on Saturday so thought that it was worth plugging the video again. If you really like the tune you can even buy it on the internet at the regular digital download music emporia. We try not to make anything to slick and polished as we'd rather spend our money on holidays, booze and fast cars (or at least cars that don't require a lot of maintenance etc)
(, Tue 13 Nov 2012, 19:01, Reply)
This is a normal post I like it
Reminds me an awful lot of The Orb.
(, Tue 13 Nov 2012, 19:18, Reply)
This is a normal post
(, Thu 15 Nov 2012, 21:06, Reply)
This is a normal post
(, Tue 13 Nov 2012, 19:59, Reply)