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This is a link post Seriously Difficult and addictive game, I can't find a walkthrough yet.
Seemingly simple premise, first figure out what you've got to do, then figure out how to go about it. I've made it to level 5 of 8 and I'm stuck, AND LOSING MY MIND......
(, Sat 29 Dec 2012, 23:22, Reply)
This is a normal post In the nicest possible sense...
fuck you and your fucking game link.
*smashes face in to keyboard in sheer desperation that it might complete level 3 by accident*

EDIT EDIT:ok, I'm on the last level, just keep calm......
EDIT EDIT EDIT:END? A Beige page with the word END? IS THAT IT????
(, Sun 30 Dec 2012, 11:45, Reply)