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All the recent stuff posted on the links board that you've voted as good which b3tans created:

This is a link post An important and definitive guide to the worst celebrity autobiography ever written I made this!
Kill people and climb over their still-twitching corpses to get hold of a copy of this little number. It's terrible, you can take my word for it.

And in that startling claim, I also include all the Katie Price books, some of which she may have even written herself (though I personally doubt it).
(, Thu 28 Aug 2014, 17:32, More)
This is a link post Blackmoon's ice bucket challenge I made this!
I know you're probably a bit fed up with them... I've tried to make mine a little different.

Or the clickbait version: Guy does bucket challenge- you won't believe what happened next...
(, Thu 28 Aug 2014, 13:01, More)
This is a link post This felt more empowering I made this!
than perhaps it should have done
(, Thu 28 Aug 2014, 11:17, More)
This is a link post Teen Thangz for charity I made this!
(, Wed 27 Aug 2014, 9:16, More)
This is a link post I done one of those ice bucket videos I made this!

(, Tue 26 Aug 2014, 22:16, More)
This is a link post WEAR A BOMB I made this!
---by the islamic sillies --we aint ISIS--we just 'IS'---
(, Tue 26 Aug 2014, 12:08, More)
This is a link post I have candles so will do what I like. I made this!
August Bank Holiday. The Thunder Rolls.
(, Tue 26 Aug 2014, 0:49, More)
This is a link post Dr Who Countdown'd I made this!

(, Sun 24 Aug 2014, 11:46, More)
This is a link post Johnny Funpants: Live I made this!
New Stand Up Themed Broken Toaster TV Short
(, Sun 24 Aug 2014, 21:06, More)
This is a link post Sexy Minecraft I made this!
I made this and am quite proud of it for the mental dancing etc.
XD enjoy
(, Sat 23 Aug 2014, 0:22, More)
This is a link post Comics blog: Judy from 1974 I made this!
I read a GIRLS' comic. A comic for GIRLS! Wanna make something of it?
(, Sun 24 Aug 2014, 21:55, More)
This is a link post In case you didn't get to London to see it: Ryoji Ikeda's SPECTRA, in the rain. I made this!
I got soaked, but it was warm so that's fine.
(, Sun 24 Aug 2014, 19:49, More)
This is a link post Godzilla (2014) alternative ending - WARNING: SPOILERS I made this!
I didn't care too much for this movie upon release, but I really think this ending is a vast improvement to the original cinema cut. The Producers were cowards for cutting what is clearly the better, albeit far edgier, ending to the film.
(, Sat 23 Aug 2014, 22:37, More)
This is a link post Last 6 seconds of Rabbit by Chas and Dave looped I made this!
It's a Vine

(, Sat 23 Aug 2014, 13:43, More)
This is a link post If sheep keep you awake, you can always count dogs. I made this!
I can personally vouch for her lack of bleating.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2014, 19:37, More)
This is a link post Ill kittens I made this!
There's a serious message or something, but no need to dwell on that.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2014, 13:23, More)
This is a link post Teen Thangz - Love It / Luvvin Dat I made this!
And look who's back.....
(, Fri 22 Aug 2014, 7:31, More)
This is a link post What Mice Do To A House - Secret Footage I made this!
Chilling audio recording with subtitles.
(, Tue 19 Aug 2014, 16:29, More)
This is a link post seeing as how everyone is being spammy and its great british bake off I made this!
look, I'm eating soil next and baking it into a cake. Cut me some slack, aye?

(, Tue 19 Aug 2014, 16:23, More)
This is a link post Severe abuse of CRT's and Betamax I made this!
First off i'd like to apologise for being Lurky McLurkerson, I enjoy this site immensely yet rarely contribute. My apologies!

However, I reckon our (very) low-budget video might be of slight interest.
(we completelty wrecked our TV filming this, it now looks like someone has taken the family fridge magnets and had a play-date with the CRT)
(, Mon 18 Aug 2014, 23:12, More)

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