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This is not the place to slag off other members' work. If you don't like it, don't say anything, and don't click "I like this". (links board rules)



      I like this!

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Everything you've posted falls into one of two categories
1 - spam-blog bullshit
2 - Stuff you found on reddit that you post in between your spam-blog bullshit posts in an attempt to hide/dilute your spam-blog bullshit...

How do I know its "blog-spam"?

Because I reported a number of b3ta users in the past for spamming links to the very same sites, users that were banned/deleted, only for other new users to mysteriously appear a week or two later and post links to the same relatively unheard-of shitty group of generic blogs with generic blog-spam content... you're just the latest one (along with cancerik).

So, again, kindly fuck off.