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It's mental
do a wikipedia search for Palestine's modern history, and since the nineteenth century gangs of arabs and jews have been killing each other with alarming frequency. It's absolutely pathetic. Now one player has got the big hand with European sympathy for what happened to the jews, and US military aid on account of a huge Jewish minority seemingly immune to the palm worthy malfunctions of the jewish state, and the Arabs draw out the repressed victim as much as they can, when they aren't blasting rockets into Israel randomly, blowing up planes, murdering athletes. Fucking get a grip guys, there is no clear devil or saint in all this, it's been going on for far to long.

It's only when Jew and Arab genuinely want some peace, that it might actually be achievable. To me they simply seem to hate one another, just like the last six generations; seems a pointless 'conflict' to get worked up about.