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Go on then, I'll stick up for Americans
seen as no one else is. I've lived here in the US (as a Brit) for nearly 10 years now and I feel I'm in a good position to put out some pros and cons:

Good Things About Americans and the US:

1)They're more polite.
2)They're WAY more friendly.
3)They take the concept of family to a whole new level.
4)Americans use 'Anxious' as the word 'eager' which is nicer.
5)They're not so fucking negative about EVERY FUCKING THING.

Good Things About British People and the UK:

1) Religion (or lack thereof)
2) Comedy (especially satire)
3) The lack of preservatives and sweeteners in common foodstuffs.
4) Pubs (they don't do 'em right over here)
5) History!