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This is not the place to slag off other members' work. If you don't like it, don't say anything, and don't click "I like this". (links board rules)



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You make a lot of assumptions in your rage. This started because white, middle class people were killed. Why are you not angry when thousands of black men, women and children are killed?
Why were you not outraged when the current US administration allowed assault rifles into Mexico, resulting in the deaths of thousands of brown skinned people and at least one federal agent?

Why are you not outraged that over 500 homicides happened in Chicago last year, to a majority of black victims, but also a place with the strictest of gun control?

You can fester and spew all you want. And you really cross a line when you accuse me of liking death. You would not survive a moment where I grew up. Yes, my life has been saved more than once by a gun. But the gangs and cartels will not disarm, no matter how many times you weep or wring your hands.