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Its always easy to dismiss studies that result in something that is regarded as "common sense"
But there are several boring but important points to be made:
1) If we didn't have empirical evidence for stuff that is supposedly common sense, then we'd never change or evolve as a society. Take this study for example, if you were a child psychologist wanting to develop a new psychlogical therapy for children, would it be good science to just assume "oh all parents just lie to their kids" or would you test it out? Its often the case that what appears "common sense" or "stuff that everyone knows" isn't actually the case. See here for an excellent demonstration of that:

2) What is as obvious as "bears shit in the woods" to you may only be because of your social context. Your "truth" may be very different from the "truth" of someone who lives a tribal existence in Papa New Guinea.

3)What if the study had found out that in fact barely any parents lie to their children? The whole point of science is to test things to see if they're true. If we just sat back and went "everything is obvious, we know it all already" we'd never make any new discoveries.

I'm spent now.