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This is a question The last thing that made me cry

I wept for my cat last week despite trying to be all hard and manly. What's made you cry recently?

(, Thu 14 Apr 2005, 11:07)
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the last time I cried was after having an argument with a friend about the bloke I'm seeing-He's got a girlfriend he's been with for a year and a half. I was telling my friend how he keeps telling me about his Lady,and even though she treats him like sh*t he still loves her. I said it made me realise that I meant next to nothing to him. My friend said I had no right to complain,as I wasn't his girlfriend.
Then I realised the reason why this was bothering me now,after months of not really caring what he did with her. I've fallen in love with him. And now I realise the only way I can even make things half-way right is by ending it. And it's breaking my heart. But I don't have a choice.
(, Tue 19 Apr 2005, 0:40, closed)

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