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This is a question Pointless Experiments

Pavlov's Frog writes: I once spent 20 minutes with my eyes closed to see what it was like being blind. I smashed my knee on the kitchen cupboard, and decided I'd be better off deaf as you can still watch television.

(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 12:00)
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57 varieties
I had sexual intercourse with a tall glass of Heinz baked beans in an attempt to simulate the sensation of a lady's nether parts. I was 14.

The attempt involved standing on my head and jabbing my urgent young tool into the beans, which were cold - even at that age I was aware of health & safety considerations. The sensation was curiously like jabbing one's tool into a glass of cold beans, but I managed to climax all the same.

In later life, obviously, I realised that baked beans were not remotely suitable. Although, to this day, I cannot have sex with my wife without having two slices of toast and some HP next to the bed.

[thanks to Pavlov's Frog for allowing me to contravene company policy and use this site, putting my job in jeopardy.]
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:16, closed)
Welcome back
You were missed.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:17, closed)
Welcome back Frank.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:19, closed)
was worth it.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:19, closed)
A triumphant return!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:23, closed)
Don't worry Frank, I'll always give you a job.
Just bring the toaster and the HP sauce.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:25, closed)
Thanks for putting my job in jeopardy, making me laugh out loud in the office!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:26, closed)
Frank's back.

That brought a slight smile to my face. Well worth your potential job loss imo.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:29, closed)
Cheers Frank
Glad to be of service - it's good to have you back
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:30, closed)
yay, return of the frank!!!
this has cheered my week right up!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:38, closed)
worms instead of beans.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 13:52, closed)
Pah, jobs - who needs them
A welcome return!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 14:00, closed)
How are you bypassing company policy?
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 14:03, closed)
*glomps Frank*
Hurrah for proxies!

Don't ever leave us again!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 14:09, closed)
In case anyone else is interested will bypass most B3ta blockers
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 14:13, closed)
Ahh i see, an Apache Proxy Pass by the looks of things..

The same as the Proxy i made (

Sweet, good to see you back frank!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 14:18, closed)
So come clean Frank
Did you, or did you not, eat the beans afterwards?

...and don't lie, because I'll know.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 14:34, closed)
Welcome back!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 15:35, closed)
Suddenly the world is a brighter filthier place.
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 16:01, closed)

It's all we need. Hello Frank!
(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 16:35, closed)
Oh no...
Now I'm never going to be able to eat beans again without thinking about Frank's jizz.

(I'm not gay - honest)
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 8:20, closed)

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