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This is a question Pointless Experiments

Pavlov's Frog writes: I once spent 20 minutes with my eyes closed to see what it was like being blind. I smashed my knee on the kitchen cupboard, and decided I'd be better off deaf as you can still watch television.

(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 12:00)
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Do men respect women who put out on the first date? A scientific approach.
Research hypothesis
Based on a claim made by my flatmate, men do not want anything long-term with women who sleep with them on the first date. The research hypothesis (H1) is that there exists a significant difference between a man’s respect for a woman who sleeps with him on the first date (condition 1), a subsequent later date (condition 2) and not at all (condition 3), thus (H1): x-barfirstx-barlaterx-barnever. The null hypothesis H0 is that there is no significant difference between conditions.

This work did not pass ethics committee scrutiny, but participant confidentiality was assured.

Sample (x-bar)
The population was “men I fancy” and thus the experiment was conducted on a subset, or sample, of these men.

Pilot study
My life prior to the experiment.

Me in a short skirt, getting drunk.

Participant A
Friend-of-a-friend. First date. Got very drunk. Fell into bed. It wasn’t great. Decided to give him a second chance and the fecker turned me down. Didn't see that coming, which was pretty much what I said the night before too.
Conclusion: he did not respect me in the morning.

Participant B
The Lovely-ex. In pub after work. Vaguely knew him. Got very drunk. Fell into bed. After a rocky start where I bullied him into dating me we got it sorted and were together for two and a half years and lived together in domestic bliss disputes bliss harmony for a year and a half of that.
Conclusion: it was indeed long-term. Hmm, one-all.

Participant C
A lengthy (for me) courtship before dragging him to my lair, and I have no idea if he respects me more for it, or if he respects me at all, but hell, he can do things with his tongue that'd make you go blind.
Conclusion: inconclusive.

Participants D-Z
All the men I wanted to shag but never got to shag. I'm sure they respect me more, now that my cries of "pleeeeease sleeeeeep with meeeeee" have faded.
Conclusion: I'm sure they'd all be on for something long-term, oh yeah.

Statistical analysis
I can’t be arsed running stats tests.

i) It shouldn’t matter a damn.
ii) The only thing I learned was that if the hypothesis is true then it works both ways: there’s been a very lengthy courtship with the one person I want more than anything.
iii) I'd forgotten how tedious it is to run experiments.
iv) I should've applied for funding from some social sciences research council, then I'd have broken even on drinks and condoms.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 13:00, closed)
Your name should be up there.
With Stopes, Greer and Golightly.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 13:13, closed)
I just
lie back and think of the learned journal articles.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 13:14, closed)
Isn't there an inherent bias?
It might not be the fact that you slept with them that meant they didn't respect you. You may not be a particularly respectable person.

You need to team up with some more girls, and repeat the experiment. Oh yes.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:03, closed)
not respectable?
I'll have you know I'm quite the classy bird - I drink half-pints and everything.

My days of experimenting with women are long gone.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:07, closed)
I have to say
I was always a little unsure about your respectability, but half-pints eh? You're right, dead classy.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:08, closed)
i don't care if they respect me
i don't respect them. as long as i get a few drinks and a shag out of it, i call that a success! :D
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:09, closed)
Self sacrifice for science's sake
Is sometimes necessary. And extremely alliterative.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:10, closed)
It doesn't actually count...
...if you drink two of those half-pints out of the same pint glass you know.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:12, closed)
it's the wee glasses I like
I drink shandy n'all.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:13, closed)
If she has tiny glasses
She can pretend to be a giant with huge hands.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:17, closed)
I'm dead classy me.
I've written a poem about sitting on the loo.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:34, closed)
This makes no sense
You talk as though women actually want to have sex with men, and don't need to be cajoled, bribed, bullied or pleaded with. Is this a wind-up?
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:37, closed)
of course she didn't want to have sex with men, that's why she had to drink so much.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:40, closed)
Next you'll be claiming that women can orgasm.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 14:43, closed)
Women can't orgasm
It's just an excuse they use when they need to sneeze or fart when you're having sex with them
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 15:16, closed)
Oooh, get you.
Having sex with them? I generally have sex at them.
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 15:29, closed)
It's normally neither "with" or "at" but "on"
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 15:58, closed)
As is far more customary for me, "without".
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 16:01, closed)

Not within?
(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 16:15, closed)
Glad to see you're still in good form!

More people need to not only do experiments like this but also to do writeups of them and post them on QOTW.
(, Tue 29 Jul 2008, 12:56, closed)
great stuff
For me it was never really about respectibility. If you multiply availability by general attractivness (appearance, personality, intelligence, compatibilty)and then by enthusiasm you get the relationship probability factor.

Of course this is variable in relation to time (Spent together as well as age) - and the possibilty of another person with a higher ranking entering the game.

The other problem is that the relationship probabilty factor can be innacurate due to such things as drunkeness, desperation and first date excitement.

And the points system is relative - men and women grade each other in different ways. (and it varies depending on how many points you think the other person is rating you on.)

Maybe the bottom line is I don't like respectible girls.

(, Tue 29 Jul 2008, 17:10, closed)

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