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This is a question Pointless Experiments

Pavlov's Frog writes: I once spent 20 minutes with my eyes closed to see what it was like being blind. I smashed my knee on the kitchen cupboard, and decided I'd be better off deaf as you can still watch television.

(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 12:00)
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fly trap
When I was about 6 or 7 I think, I captured a housefly under a thimble on the windowsill of my room (it was sluggish due to chilly weather rather than me being some sort of ninja thimble-wielder). I decided to keep it there and see how long it lived - then promptly forgot all about it. About 4 weeks later I saw the thimble and thought, oh my I guess it died - but when I lifted the thimble-prison it was still alive, and crawled weakly towards the sunshine which it had been deprived of for so much of it's short life. I felt so amazingly guilty that I nursed it back to health with sugary water until it gained enough strength to fly out of the window.
(, Tue 29 Jul 2008, 18:18, closed)
I like this story.
I tried the same thing once with a bottle cap and succeeded. Then my dad tried and chopped the fly in half. I felt pretty guilty about it too for having started it even though I hadn't performed the, er, dissection.
(, Tue 29 Jul 2008, 20:04, closed)
I thought flies lived for about a day:/
(, Wed 30 Jul 2008, 0:07, closed)
They live for a day. Get born, reproduce, die, profit.
(, Wed 30 Jul 2008, 13:02, closed)

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