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This is a question Guilty Secrets

We were shocked - nay, disgusted - to read on an internet discussion forum of a chap's confession that his darkest, guiltiest secret was that he recently cracked one out over press photos of tragic MILF Kate McCann. He reasoned that "she's a good Catholic girl and looks dirty, so she'd probably go bareback".

What guilty secrets can you no longer keep to yourself?

(, Fri 31 Aug 2007, 12:22)
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Well, someones gotta say it.......
Well, im gunna let my guilty secret out, something ive thought about reading though here.

Legless posts the most shit ever!

How the hell could anyone acutally belive that twat? He seems to have a story for EVERY occasion. Gets more unbelivable the more stories i read.

Everyone click 'I like this' if you feel the same way
(, Sat 1 Sep 2007, 14:46, closed)

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