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This is a question Heroes and villains of 2011

Who were your heroes or villains of the last year, and why? Who inspired you? Who had you kicking the cat across the room? They don't have to be well known, you might even want to laud the achievements of your binman. (Note that "Nick Clegg nuff said" answers puts you straight onto our naughty list)

(, Thu 29 Dec 2011, 15:05)
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Hooray for b3ta!
Heroes are everyone that gave me a good lol in 2011, and I'm talking, looking back from 2004 up to the present date, and so, too numerous to mention!

Villains are the b3ta bullies, who pathetically attempt to scare women and/or n00bs, they know who they are.
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 3:20, closed)

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 3:31, closed)
Name & shame.
Oh, wait...
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 4:20, closed)
Terrible bullying of albert Marshmallow here.

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 8:34, closed)
Leave Albert Alone!
You're ruining my life.
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 10:50, closed)
Fuck off Mrs '1 month 23 days'
I'm not falling for this 'back to 2004' disguise you are attempting, I am going to bully you and make you cry.

Or not. It's a bit of a faff really. I don't have the energy. I'm just so tired these days, you know? So very tired. You don't get it, do you? You don't know how hard it is being me. I try, I really do, but every day is just harder than the one before. Sometimes I just want to hide under the duvet and cry, but no, I'm expected to be here, bullying n00bs and women, and I just can't do it anymore, I can't and I won't. Just go away and leave me in peace, oh please, please, leave me in peace. For the love of God, Mary and all things holy, just leave me in peace.
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 8:53, closed)
Our own Professor Farnsworth.
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 10:46, closed)

I had him down as more of a Zoidberg..
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 13:00, closed)
Oh yeah? That position goes only to me...Zoidberg!
Whoop whoop whoop whoop whooooooooop!
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 13:26, closed)
But my mother was a saint!!!!

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 17:15, closed)
The bloke who invented Facebook?

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 13:29, closed)
No one likes him either.
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 14:22, closed)
"Good news everybody!"

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 19:39, closed)
who is really scaring women???
'Mr Night Prowler'
(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 9:17, closed)
scaring women??

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 10:32, closed)

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 10:34, closed)

(, Wed 4 Jan 2012, 11:53, closed)

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