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This is a question My First Experience of the Internet

We remember when this was all fields, and lived a furtive life of dial-up modems and dodgy newsgroups. Tell us about how you came to love the internets.

(, Thu 22 Mar 2012, 11:56)
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After discovering the wonders of "real time jamming" via the Resrocket network in 1995
I was hooked. I bought a synth and some midi leads and my phone bill was GIGANTIC.
Then came along, the first real unlimited dial-up.

So for about a year I hardly went to bed and my family thought my phone was broken because it couldn't be engaged 24/7 could it?

The result? I'm now a musical superstar a stack of mediocre midi files with some idiot noodling jazz style over the top of everything we did, whatever style we were composing in.

But, it changed my life and I met some lifelong friends through the magic of online music making.
(, Thu 22 Mar 2012, 15:28, closed)
all your friends are idiot jazz noodlers.
(, Thu 22 Mar 2012, 19:04, closed)
..but some of them are :D
(, Thu 22 Mar 2012, 21:47, closed)

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