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This is a question Jobsworths

All over the world there are little people following the rules and being arsey because, let's face it, it's fun.

Tell us about your experiences with petty jobsworths, or, if you are a petty jobsworth, tell us how much you get off on it.

(, Thu 12 May 2005, 9:53)
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I work in a music library
which has this stupid rule that even if a student is only listening to a cd in the library we still have to check it out to them And we can only check out two cd's at a time.

I'm the worst librarian ever I just let the students have as many cds as they like when there in the library, I mean as if I give a toss there just cds and it's not like they are even leving the building.

My coworker however is the librarian from hell and religioulsly refuses to give them cds if they already have 2 out. She also treats the customers like they have no right to ask her for anything, and gets grumpy with them when she has to hall her fat arse of her chair.

Easy to say who the students like more ;)
(, Wed 18 May 2005, 9:20, closed)

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