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This is a question On the stage

Too shy to ever appear on stage myself, I still hung around theatres like a bad smell when I was younger - lighting and set design were what I was good at.

Backstage we'd attempt to sabotage every production - us lighting geeks would wind up the sound man by putting the remote "pause" button for his reel-to-reel tape machine on his chair, so when he sat down it'd start running, ruining his cues. Actors would do scenes out of order to make our lives hell. It was great and I don't know why I don't still do it.

Tell us your stories of life on the stage.

(, Fri 2 Dec 2005, 11:02)
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Christmas Carol
First time on stage doing a proper thing not a five minute piss take as I normally had done. Oh no it was A Christmas Carol (non musical) and I was playing Scrooge.

Anyway on last night I thought I would play it for laughs. Some occasional twattish comments were made by myself that were slightly amusing. But I thought save the best till last.

My original line was "Let's go and have a nice bowl of steaming Bishop's Pudding. What do you say about that then hey Bob"
I changed it too (without telling anyone) "Lets go and smoke some Bishop's cock, Do you spit or swallow Bob?"
(, Tue 6 Dec 2005, 21:13, closed)

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