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This is a question Prejudice

"Are you prejudiced?" asks StapMyVitals. Have you been a victim of prejudice? Are you a columnist for a popular daily newspaper? Don't bang on about how you never judge people on first impressions - no-one will believe you.

(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 12:53)
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Today the midwife gave me a leaflet about the benefits of using homeopathy in childbirth.
I am incredibly prejudiced against any medical professional who advocates something so utterly fucktarded.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 13:59, closed)
Quick plug...
...for the The 10:23 Campaign and OfQuack on twitter.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 14:13, closed)
True, true.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 14:14, closed)
Ask for a new one
She's clearly got no understanding of how the human body works ;)
(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 14:45, closed)
There are a awful lot of idiots in midwifery. Still, they’re not as bad as the Health Visitors that pop in to make sure you now how to care for your child. They are the ones that were too thick to be an actual nurse.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 15:53, closed)
I have a friend who believes in that crap.
We just found out that our beloved cat has cancer of the not-really-treatable sort, and New-Age-Woo friend's first response was to blather on about some alterna-treatment she'd read about involving something without much scientific basis.

I did not shout 'SHUT THE HELL UP, MY CAT IS GOING TO DIE, JUST MAKE SYMPATHETIC NOISES AND LEAVE OFF THE PSEUDOSCIENCE' even though I wanted to, as she really is a good-hearted person despite the lack of logic. Sometimes I think she must be too clever to really believe all that, but other times I wonder.
(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 16:01, closed)
does she actually advocate it
or is she just allowing for different options?

to be honest, and everyones approach to how they want to birth is different I know, I would be more appreciative of a healthcare professional with an open mind than someone who had their own rigid ways of doing something.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2010, 10:05, closed)
So if a doctor offered you a glass of water to reduce swelling, bruising and scarring, you wouldn't consider them to be unprofessional?

She may not actually personally advocate it but I'm surprised to hear of it at all - there is no place for homeopathy in the NHS.
(, Fri 2 Apr 2010, 11:25, closed)
Nothing much to add. Our dean of nursing was advising us the other day of the benefits of alternative therapies.

God help us when the medical PROFESSORS say this type of shit.

(I got into trouble for interrupting her)
(, Fri 2 Apr 2010, 18:15, closed)
I'd take it, but I guess you mean "as treatment"
but to be honest I'm pretty wary of doctors anyway, and don't take their word as 'gospel' anyway. I found out the hard way (yes it was pregnancy-related and involved a doctor with an inability to listen and actually INVESTIGATE symptoms rather than reach for a prescription pad. Whether this is what caused the miscarriage or not, god only knows)

If I was having a high risk birth, yes I would be concerned if a midwife was pushing me towards homeopathy alone, but if I was having a birth with no known risks (I know I know, you never TRULY know) then I have no qualms about them suggesting (I want to italicise that) things that I personally would have no truck with. Its my choice.

I know the NHS has no time for homeopathy, I know there's 'no evidence to suggest it works' etc no double blind randomised control trials and all the blarney.
I've never tried it as a treatment approach myself. I probably wouldn't use it in a birthing situation. Some people DO use alternative treatments, and find some benefit from that, whether its the 'magic feather' effect or something woowoo, who knows?
Particularly in palliative care too. And I think, if it helps people feel more comfortable in those stages and is not harming them, why not inform of its use?
But I know B3ta seems generally predisposed to rubbishing those approaches, and I'm not an internet arguer, so thats it from me!
(, Sat 3 Apr 2010, 6:43, closed)
Is your MP
on this little list?

Look what they say about Dr Ben Goldacre! "No expertise" in the area. I'm presuming that they're only interested in evidence from homoeopaths... Who might, perhaps, be a little biased..?
(, Sun 4 Apr 2010, 22:25, closed)

How the blithering fuck do you become an expert on homeopathy?

Is it the next book in the I-Spy series after leprechauns?
(, Mon 5 Apr 2010, 7:48, closed)

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