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This is a question My Greatest Regrets

When I was still quite young, I was offered the chance to spend several weeks in the South of France. My Uncle was going to drive me down in his vintage MG sports car. There would be sun, sand and, crucially, French girls.

I was too scared of the French girls to go.

What do you regret not doing?

(, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 13:25)
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"Non, je ne regrette rien" (…Aye right…)
Went out with a young French language student a number of years ago - things were going pretty amazingly and she kinda moved in with me for a few months before returning to the Land of the Soap-Free for a couple of weeks Spring holiday.

My biggest regret (with the benefit of hindsight) was saying yes to visiting her and her friends for the second week of her visit home.

This being in the days before cheap flights, meant a 300 mile drive to London, a gonad-tighteningly expensive last minute flight to Paris, a train to station number 1, taxi to station number 2 and a 3 hour train trip to Nantes.

Being a tad besotted with her, I put her slightly cool reception and subsequent oddities down to some form of home-territorial gallic aloofness. It later transpired that she’d copped off with her old boyfriend a couple of nights before I’d arrived and everyone, apart from myself, was in the know.

Hurrah – enter stage, left deeply interesting Scottish boyfriend, exit stage right Jock Arse.

Laughed ? I was touched up by a 6 foot homosexual on the metro on the way back through Paris. Hey…at least the journey wasn’t totally wasted.
(, Wed 11 Oct 2006, 15:18, closed)

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