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This is a question Sacked

I've never been sacked (yet)... One company I worked for made everyone redundant on Valentine's Day. The boss handed out little envelopes. We all thought he'd bought us cards and were really touched.

...but I've never been sacked. What have you done that led to your dismissal? Are you still bitter, or was it a fair cop?

(, Thu 23 Feb 2006, 13:23)
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Leather goods and bullet proof jackets!
Hello all,
My story goes back to before I moved from South Africa to the UK.
When I was about 19 I managed to get a job in a leather factory that specialised in making gun-holsters and bullet proof jackets. As it was SA, this was a busy business, but I couldn't help thinking I was helping to kill people.
I was tasked with putting together a nice little website for them to peddle their wares, but I wasn't enjoying it at all.

Thoughtfully, the manager had put me in the room with the photocopiers... and printers... but not just any printers! A laser that etches out any shape you want onto any surface you want! How could I not play with it???

Lets just say that I was caught one too many times etching my name and some pictures of "bad things" into pencils and bits of leather.

(, Sat 25 Feb 2006, 20:44, closed)

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