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This is a question School Trips

Get left behind? Go somewhere utterly amazing? Get bollocked by a lardy coach driver? Find out the school nurse was secretly bonking the Geography teacher? All these and more on just one five day trip to the Dorset coast. Whahey!

Tell us how your school trip spiralled out of control.

(, Thu 7 Dec 2006, 10:37)
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Not quite a school trip
but at the age of 15 several kids from the local church youth group went to Austria for... God knows why.

One day they decided we were all going to a "dry taboggan run" read as half a concrete pipe down a hill with little skateboards to sit on. One guy's hat comes flying off and causing another girl's "skateboard" to fly off the track and break her arm. Being the prepared lot they were they had absolutely no first aid kit and had to cut up a sanitary towel to dress the wound till they got to the hospital.

A couple of days later we get into a small town in Germany and somehow a small German woman manages to crash her car into our huge bus. This woman's screaming blue murder at the driver who speaks two words of German (that he probably got off of Faulty Towers) and I, being the one and only person on the trip with even a basic knowledge of German have to placate this mad motorist and get them to swap details.

I'm no longer a church goer, but I do have a fond memory of the then boyfriend punching me in the arm because I suggested he volunteered to go up and dance in a room full of strangers on "Austrian Night" (Twunt).

Length? Girth? I'd prefer a guy with a vibrating nut sack.
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 23:41, closed)

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