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This is a question Shit Stories: Part Number Two

As a regular service to our readers, we've been re-opening old questions.

Once again, we want to hear your stories of shit, poo and number twos. Go on - be filthier than last time.

(, Thu 27 Mar 2008, 14:57)
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The antique shop poo story
This story is told to every person my parents know.

When I was a baby, i could not poo. Ever. My parents tried everythong. I would just sit and go purple, swell up but not poo.

So my dad thought it would be a good idea to feed me some bran. Bran is like a natural laxitive, so instead of one spoon sprinkled on my breakfast, my dad fed me about half a bowl full of bran flake with extra bran.

Off they went, with me in a pushchair and nappy on a lovely walk. On the walk, they stopped at some country shops. They went into a really really expensive antiques and craft shop.

Five seconds later they smelt something shitty. I had pooed like a baby had never pooed before. The worst thing was, i pooed so much, it started coming out my nappy, all over the expensive carpet. My parents had to run out of the shop, puliing a chair, a baby and leaving a trail of shit behind.
(, Tue 1 Apr 2008, 19:28, closed)

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