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This is a question Sporting Woe

In which we ask a bunch of pasty-faced shut-ins about their exploits on the sports field. How bad was it for you?

Thanks to scarpe for the suggestion.

(, Thu 19 Apr 2012, 13:40)
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I struggled with it for two years. The coaching consisted of someone telling us how to hold the club correctly and to keep our heads down. After a kind gentleman told me I had trying too hard my game actually improved a little. It went from bloody hopeless to just hopeless.

Then on a par three hole my drive went about three quarters of the distance. I selected one of the irons, probably a five and chipped in. The damn ball rolled across the green and into the hole. A BIRDIE! Huzzah! HUZZAH!

But it meant my handicap was reduced. Oh, the misery next week.
(, Thu 19 Apr 2012, 22:35, closed)
I had a golf lesson once
It set my game back a year. From mediocre back to inept in half an hour.
(, Fri 20 Apr 2012, 8:20, closed)

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