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This is a question Stupid Colleagues

Godwin's Lawyer tells us: "I once worked with a lad who believed 'Frankenstein' was based on a true story, and that the book was written by Shirley Bassey." Tell us about your workplace dopes.

(, Thu 3 Mar 2011, 15:34)
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Can't believe the things I've seen.....
Doing IT support for a group you deal with a lot of stupid colleagues, a few of the things I've seen recently.....

"This floppy drive is broken" - user was putting the floppy disk in the wrong way up (yes some people still use them!)

Someone trying to do a video conference without a webcam - when I told them they'd need a webcam to be seen by the other people they said "can't I just download something from the internet to do it?"

"printer is broken" - nope, the printer is switched off because they've unplugged it to charge their mobile phone

And that's just a few, I'm sure I'll remember more soon!
(, Thu 3 Mar 2011, 19:59, closed)
I feel your pain.
I spent long enough doing support I wanted to stab myself in the face with a no. 5 hex bit.
(, Thu 3 Mar 2011, 20:08, closed)
the pain
hhmmmnn No5 hex bit
(, Thu 3 Mar 2011, 22:21, closed)
Is that relevant to your nickname?

(, Sun 6 Mar 2011, 22:19, closed)

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