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This is a question Teenage Parties

Ah, the heady days when catering consisted of a crate of lager and some vodka illicitly extracted by whoever looked oldest, decoration consisted of removing any breakable furniture and the morning after was just the morning and not the rest of the week.

Tell us who you snogged, where you threw up and who just would not leave.

(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 10:20)
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How rare..
So the party was fancy dress, in a nice big hall, it was a friends birthday party, but with all her relations friends of family ect.-her parents had let her do the teeny house party the year before,and it was never going to happen again- it was also halloween.

Now I had been working all day so a couple of mates had gone to the fancy dress shop to get the costumes, what did they get me, a fucking pink fairy, replete with wings, cunts.

Anyway I've always been game for a laugh, so we show at the party, an evil monk, some weird thing that looked like the creature that radios the storm troopers at Los Isly when they're about to get on the milennium falcon for the first time and a fairy.

The party went quite well for a bunch of drunken teenagers with a load of older relatives and such.

Highlights were me getting my cock out to the host's mum, and groping her tits infront of her gran, but at the end of the day fun was had by all.

So, a couple of mates and I are walking back to my house in or costumes at about 3 in the morning on halloween, and are very drunk indeed.

We walked past the local convent when I had my great idea. Lets break into the convent and find the dormitorys, you know what they say about catholic girls, it'll be an orgy.

So we climbed over the gates, checked all the doors and windows, and found one unlocked, hurrah. We were then confonted by a hound from hell, barking, snarling and generally looking like it was going to rip our throats out. Two of turned to run while one of uor number-not me-calmly walked up to it, and started to stroke it's head, it promptly rolled over to have it's belly tickled. Bonza let's find the girls says I.

So i'm wondering round these classrooms looking for the dorms, I walk into a dark room and a voice shouts freeze, so of course I run. I running down these corridoors, look behind me and there's a very short, very bold naked man chasing me. I got away and hid under some stairs.

A few minutes later, my mates walk by with said naked man chatting away. I come out of hiding, and all comes clear. He was the caretaker, when he saw us in fancy dress, he realised a halloween prank was afoot, and no police were called, he just wanted to know how we got in, and how we got passed the dog. I was finding all of this very funny, as he was still starkers, and us in costume.

When I left work that day, if anyone had said "Your night will end dressed as a fairy, being chased around a convent by a short, bald naked man" I wouldn't have belived tem one bit.
(, Sun 16 Apr 2006, 23:46, closed)

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