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This is a question Teenage Poetry

Hormones and rhyming dictionaries seem to go together. Let's celebrate this by publishing the poems you wrote as a teenager.

(, Thu 11 Aug 2005, 14:49)
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Poem to B3ta and its members.
B3ta, oh B3ta
I love you, you smeater*
My girlfriend doesn’t,
So I beat ’er.
And then eat ‘er.**
Feet (er)

*note – this is a made up word. Sorry, but not that many things rhyme with B3ta. Lets pretend it means clever, funny website, populated by people who laugh at others, and don’t work as hard as their bosses think. Also people who use the word cunt a lot. Which I like.

I don’t think it’ll make it into the OED.

** Not in the 'rude' way. Pervert.
(, Thu 11 Aug 2005, 15:23, closed)

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