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This is a question Terrified!

Bathory asks: What was the most scared you've ever been? How brown were your pants?

(, Thu 5 Apr 2012, 13:32)
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I was five or six.
Nationwide (remember that programme, nearly-deads?) showed a reconstruction of this rather ridiculous tale at about 6pm.

Watching it, turd upon turd dropped from my frozen, twitching frame and I didn't sleep for about a year.
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 1:18, closed)
Me too!
That report scared the crap out of me. I was 9.
I still remember the terror of having to go to bed knowing that the wolf beast was out there.
I'm still a bit twitchy about werewolves to this day and I blame Nationwide for it.
(, Fri 6 Apr 2012, 17:00, closed)
It was the fact that the furry bastard was in someone's house. A house like mine. Brrr.
(, Sun 8 Apr 2012, 7:56, closed)
I do remember that
... although I had forgotten that I remembered it until just now.

We were sitting on the floor in front of the telly playing a board game. My sister seriously freaked out, especially when they did a fast zoom right into the face of one of the heads.

Even with the sound turned right down she could "still hear it", so off it went.

Really strange that it appears with such clarity in my mind's eye.

I've just done a search for pictures of the heads, and actually they are pretty creepy-looking.
(, Wed 11 Apr 2012, 11:08, closed)

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