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I don't like dogs.
Try to avoid them.
(, Wed 2 May 2012, 21:56, archived)
i fucking hate dogs, sometimes i hope one bites me so i can break it's neck in self defence

(, Wed 2 May 2012, 22:01, archived)
I'd rather if they just stayed away from me.
Sometimes violence isn't the answer.
(, Wed 2 May 2012, 22:04, archived)
fucj off back to ghandinet

(, Wed 2 May 2012, 22:10, archived)
Fuck you, famine bastard.
I know where you live.
(, Wed 2 May 2012, 22:13, archived)
That'll be a genetic thing.
From your ancestors' Landowner setting his dogs on them every time they tried to steal potatoes from his fields.
(, Wed 2 May 2012, 22:03, archived)