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If you take more senokot than you're supposed to, it has the actual oppersite effect of what its supposed to do.
That mistake has actually put me in hospital before.

Get some lactulus, it taste fucking rank, so have a glass of something fizzy to wash it down with.

You know I'm like the world's expert on this one.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:53, archived)
shut up

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:54, archived)
You just wanna see what happens when someone literally explodes.

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:55, archived)
Which you probably did do on your hot date that you stood me up for.

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:55, archived)
haha troof

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:57, archived)

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:56, archived)
The difference between you on here and you in real life is like the difference between The Imp on GoT Telly Show and GoT book.
I fucking love that one, I don't care if I'm the only one laughing.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:58, archived)
yeh my mate paul laughed i see
this is why you dont have a job
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:59, archived)
I ain't talkin' 'bout that on here, there are some proper buzz harshingtons.
To be fair, they ain't the only ones who had done their nut in with all the talk about it, lesson learnt, only doshing out the good ones.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:06, archived)
lol'ing here
someones been told eh
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:10, archived)
Yeah' man, it was more I'd tell someone, then I'd tell someone else, and then I'd tell someone else...
... but then you get the people who live at this place who saw it all 3 times.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:16, archived)
i wont even stand for once. im having none of it

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:20, archived)
Gonna fucking let you know when I'm done though, just so you can't cuss me out for not having a job.

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:34, archived)
crack on, dole

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:35, archived)
Shut up, dull.

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:38, archived)

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:41, archived)
Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my diss was.

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 20:19, archived)
Hold on, there aren't many differences between the two versions.

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:24, archived)
Was that the joke? I am tired.

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:25, archived)
alright gonz
alright rosalicious
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:25, archived)
alright gonz
alright jackaction
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:26, archived)
Alright Rosie
Alright JackAction
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:34, archived)
he's fucking ugly and hunchback and shit in the books aint he

(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:26, archived)
I'll just eat something dodgy from the back of the fridge, I'll be shitting fizzy gravy in no time
but I'll ask the pharmacist tomorrow. Ta gonz
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:54, archived)
No worries mate =)
I ain't had codine in like 6 years now, there are WAY better opiates. Fuck knows what smack is like, but I'm pretty sure thats the next stage.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:56, archived)
I had an accident at work*
so I'd tore something in my back or neck. Sodding agony. 1g paracetamol / 30mg codiene / 400mg ibuprofen at once wasn't really doing anything.
10mg a pop of diazepam is quite good though, it's like six pints and a joint.

*not my fault, no manual handling training, blah de blah compensation
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 18:58, archived)
I ain't ever had 10mg in one go of that stuff,
I'm on really low doses of methadone with morphine now. The methadone made me have an audio hallucination the first time I took it, but now I'm used to a right level, its got the perfect mix of not being in pain and being awake. It means I'm not detoxing 3 times a day eaither, which looking back on things, was a fucking horrific way to spend 4 years.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:04, archived)
Christ on a bike.
Puts my local authority whining back pain into comparison.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:09, archived)
It's alright to tell you the truth, I don't really know no different.
And the painkillers are doing their job, the only time I'm in whincing bent over levels of pain are when I first wake up / before the tablets have kicked in... then at 12ish I have a bit of a top up that sees me through to 6ish when I go for round two, which sees me to night time.

It's only around those times when its really bite-down-on-shirt bad, the rest of the time I'm a normalish functioning person who can go to work'n'stuff.

And the only reason I'm on the methadone one is because Modifide Release morphine doesn't work with people with short or dodgy bowels... something they only discovered (as in, for fact) a year or two ago.
(, Fri 4 May 2012, 19:14, archived)