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manolith! make the horrible boys stop doing blank posts with mouseovers!
plus, make them revere me as i deserve.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:01, archived)
Spose we might as well make use of this thread.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:02, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:06, archived)
look, mono!
we've grown apart recently. i feel like you're...distant from me. i know i've let things slide, and the house is a mess. but i can change, baby. i CAN. for us. can we...try again?
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:26, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:27, archived)
um, fuck you?

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:30, archived)
Oh shit, can you read the blank ones now?

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:31, archived)
shush, i'm reading about a terrible plane crash.

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:40, archived)
are there any good ones?

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:59, archived)
I had one with some raspberry sauce and a flake stuck in it, that was pretty good

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:08, archived)
oh no, I mean icecream,

I want an icecream
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:09, archived)
you could crash a rocket lolly
and call it 'columbia'
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:14, archived)
How rude.

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:42, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:30, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:41, archived)
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:03, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:08, archived)
Can you help poor wee Battered on /OT please?
He needs a new user name because his wife's found his out.

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:15, archived)
I passed a couple on in the Emvee flounce.

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:47, archived)
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:58, archived)
man! i wish i weren't banned from qotw. all this signing in and out is a nightmare.

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:04, archived)
Can't you use the mirror?

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:05, archived)
Yeah. I'm not a fucking vampire.
Good point actually. What's the ip again?
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:06, archived)
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:07, archived)
it keeps logging me out
fuck that
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:14, archived)
Never mind
I think the game's finished now anyway. I dare say he's put me on ignore now too.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:18, archived)
Oh, apparently not
He needs to chill out. Oh well.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:25, archived)
That's like the first time I've really read much over on QOTW and I'm confused, are they all just massive blobby spastics?

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:33, archived)
No, I don't think so
That's the first time I've seen someone really flouncey over there personally...there are loads of unpleasant people though.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:35, archived)
I'll be honest.
I think they're more shit than me.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:41, archived)
No. Don't put yourself down, MONO.
NO ONE is more shit than you.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:56, archived)
open 2 different inprivate browser windows and log in with both accounts
its how i run all of the accounts on QOTW
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:06, archived)
I could. But it's all too much effort.
Just let me know if I get a bite off flouncey bum.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:27, archived)
he's got you on ignore, how's that going to happen?

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:34, archived)
I'm so good I can get a flounce from BEYOND the IGNORE.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:55, archived)
Cheers for the help btw.

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:58, archived)

I miss Mykey
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:06, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:07, archived)
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:39, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:04, archived)
Ah well

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:06, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:07, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:08, archived)
chairman maolith is above helping the little people

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:11, archived)
Man, that Emvee fella's getting all sorts of upset over on /ot

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:13, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:14, archived)
tell him transformers are shit, the comics especially

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:15, archived)
that upset him

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:31, archived)
how strange

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:33, archived)
is he on ot now?
i thought he was on qotw
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:18, archived)
I've never seen him on /OT

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:18, archived)
TH is being wrong again
bloody two hats, its no wonder we all prefer baldmonkey
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:21, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:26, archived)
(pinches in the mouth)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:28, archived)
Oh yes, my mistake
He's everso angry, isn't he?
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:19, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:20, archived)
How would you like a pinch in the mouth?

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:23, archived)
i assume it must be down to him having to pimp out his widowed mother to pay for all his superhero belt buckles

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 14:22, archived)
hey janet
does it annoy you that my answer on QOTW got more replies than this thread? it would probably annoy me

but i know you're better than that
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:04, archived)
i'd be embarrassed for sure

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:28, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:08, archived)
Copy paste
Akabusi sat in his Vauxhall Corsa as it passed through the car wash humming the theme tune from Record Breakers. All the windows were soaped up and no one could see in so, for the briefest moments, he thought about having a wank. But his two kids were in the back so he decided against it.

After dropping them off at school, Akabusi was at a loss as to how to fill his day. He was delivering a motivational speech to a bunch of spastics tonight in Stevenage so he didn't want to over do it. He felt a twinge in his back. It had been aching since him and John Fashanu had wrestled naked in front of a roaring fire at Fash's 128,700 mansion in Hemel Hempstead. Akabusi had smashed a porcelain bust of Justin and he had had to leave.

Before he knew it he was at a massage parlour and had paid his 10 entry. Before he could get to the changing rooms he slipped out of his pin stripe dungerees and could feel the fragrant steam of the sauna tickle his massive balls like a poacher under a trout.

He applied a towel to his lower torso, barely able to conceal his pulsating ebony fire hydrant. He stepped into the room and lay down on the pleather massage table pushing his face through the hole and letting his cock hang over the side.

Behind him the door opened and Akabusi's pussy senses were raised to Severe. The aroma of chicken and sweetcorn soup and Morecambe Bay cockles hit him like a steam train and he knew right then that he would sire another child.

Small hands covered in oil began to explore his muscular, Nigerian coffee coloured bodywork. As the girl's hands reached his proud buttocks he tried everything in his power to conceal a huge fart he had been brewing since he'd parked in the multi storey car park.

When the girl slipped a greasy little finger up his April he let out a yelp and nearly roared "Awooga" but he stopped himself. The hands of the girl motioned him to turn over, which he duly did.

His eyes found a young Chinese girl wearing a little white tunic which he knew concealed a pair of juicy little bristols and almost certainly a clunge as ripe and yellow as a week old banana. As he lay on his back, blood rushed into his veiny Tower of Pisa quicker than Asians into a Cash And Carry at 8.59am. He lay there looking like a chocolate drawing pin as the girl starting applying more and more oil. He was so hard and tall that he worried slightly that the price of oil may be affected by his erection.

Her tiny hands kneeded his giant oak and at one point Akabusi half thought she was an Ewok trying to climb a Giant Red on Endor. He leapt up and ripped open her tunic revealing, as he had suspected, a gorgeous set of two tits, nipples as dark as Green and Black 70% and a pussy so wet and hairless he was reminded of Duncan Goodhew.

He dived into her like a released rapist and set about plunging into every orifice that was available and some that were not. Within hours he was on his vinegars and let rip with such a gush of spunk that the poor girl tried in vein to make a call to the Morecambe Bay coastguard.

Spent, sweating and panting Akabusi untangled his yawning plonker and slipped on his dungerees. The girl, who later from police reports he found was called Hi Tide Run, lay on the floor, a shredded mess of manfat, baby oil, matted hair and rice. Akabusi looked at his Casio watch/calculator and saw that the spastic thing started in 20 minutes. He bent down over the Chinese meal he had just demolished, whisphered "Awooga" in her ear and patted her on the fanny.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:18, archived)
Oh man, it's been ages since I've seen some decent Kriss Akabusi fan fiction

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:20, archived)

(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:40, archived)
you're asking manilith for help?
fucking hell.
(, Wed 23 May 2012, 15:53, archived)