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I usually come up with a fair few ideas...but im always hindered by my lack of photoshop talent. So I sadly check the board constantly and post every blue moon...I apologise to the world.

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» Cheap Tat

Plastic Bow and Arrows
Bought a cowboy and indian set from a pound shop, the bow was pretty decent. However the lick & stick sucker arrows were about as effective as Middle-East peace talks.

Therefore I decided to modify it a little, out went the platted string on the bow and in came some elastic bands that I'd cut and bunched together. The bolts were chopsticks, one had a pen-nib tip to it and the other had an old key. The flights were made with old laminated bus passes.

They fly quite far and punch through cardboard, I usually aim at squirrels who eat all the bird food, but I can't hit the buggers for shit. My old man had more luck with the air-rifle, shot one of their tails clean off...he wont be balancing no more.
(Fri 4th Jan 2008, 20:38, More)

» The last thing that made me cry

Fluffy bunnies and frolicking lambs
*breaks down*
(Fri 15th Apr 2005, 20:27, More)