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» Inappropriate crushes

A tree
Incidentally my crush also gave me my first ever erection. Probably not so strange but inappropriate as you will see.

Most young boys probably had some strange feelings towards She-Ra from He-man and I was no exception. However, it was not her Blonde hair, mini skirt or long boots that turned me on, oh no. I was sitting watching an episode with her in when she had some strange curse/spell placed on her. The lower half of her then turned into a tree, roots and all. For some reason this turned me on incredibly, this half woman/ half tree being on the screen in cartoon format gave me my first ever boner.

I've never felt the need to have sex with a tree since but maybe I should give it a go, maybe it'll be just as good as She-ra!
(Wed 4th Oct 2006, 16:08, More)

» Not Losing Your Virginity

Lads weekend away
Me and a few friends from school took a nice little weekend up in Blackpool. We were only 16 and very thankful to any of the bouncers that would let us in to their establishments. We came across one club and all stumbled down into the darkness of the nasty little place, thankful for the amount of alcohol we got served. I got absolutely hammered and started dancing with a girl. I was too obliterated to realise that she was about the size of a hippo and I couldn't fit my arms around her as we slow-danced to "the titanic" themetune (quite apt now, thining back). To boot, she was also Scottish and I couldn't understand a word she was saying.

Stumbling out of the club at 2am, she was up for a bit more but I was in no state to oblige and let one of my oh-so-lucky virgin friends do the honours. He dissapeared into the night and I wondered if I should have passed up the oppurtunity to get rid of my V-plates so easily.

The look of shear horror on his face as he turned up in the morning was enough to let me know that I had had a very very lucky escape. Apparently she rode him hard but it was more of a suffocation attempt. He didn't go on the quest to find any other girls for a long time afterwards. Poor poor lad.

After that lucky escape, I was perfectly happy to wait for a couple of more years until i was sober enough to see what the girl looked like!

Apologies for length - I was a bit too pissed at the time.
(Fri 27th Oct 2006, 15:11, More)