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» B3TA fixes the world

aand 'breath... in... out... in... out... aand relax...' and that's BEFORE I get started!
Health and Safety has its place, and I'm damned sure it doesn't involve making a steel worker on the 67th. floor having to wear a plastic helmet 'just in case', or a bloke laying tarmac for that matter.

BE REASONABLE for pities sake; I used to interview people for I.T. (that's computer operators for those of us old enough to know better). I was often more than bemused by the university-educated 'IT' graduates and more pleasantly surprised by the labour exchange folks sent to me. (pre 'Job seeker/finder/squander/other' era; when people actually went to the labour exchange to find a JOB!!)

I can only conclude, given my advancing years, that Common Bloody Sense(TM) was a finite resource that has been getting used up and is now as rare as it appears to be.

I have quite a lot of the leftover CBS from 1969 that I keep in a bucket by the bedside, but supplies are limited; send your bank details to......

I still can't fathom how people became so gullible. WTF HAS HAPPENED?

OOh and compensation! 'oops I fell down it must be due to SOME OTHER PERSON! WHO HAS DONE THIS TO ME???!!!!'

Dog Nose how many times I've tripped, fallen out of trees, skinned my knees, broken a wrist/leg/rib doing something daft and just generally enjoyed the hell out of my life.

I despair. OOH TV adverts... just don't get me started otherwise I might need some compensation for the blood-vessel I'm about to blow!!!

Length? nope. Height about 5ft. 2in. in my stockings feet.

Apologies for the lacks of hummus; I'm a grumpy old git and proud of it!

I'm just off to 'Ambulance Chasers 'R' Us' in case there's a spare liver for dinner...
(Thu 22nd Sep 2011, 16:03, More)