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Profile for Pickle Fairy:
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Facts about me:
I am a Fairy
I am a pickle
I am green
I am female

Panda to me if you wish. You can do so through song, picture or bummings :)

- I have eighteen peircings, one of which is on my kidneys
- I have adopted an iguana, and make love to it regularly
- My tits taste of piss

Kristine sang me this song so we could be BFF:
OOOOooohhhhh Pickle Fairy is a girl
Who knows alot about the wanking world...
So I asked her to be my friend...
We could be like 90Nz and hold hands...

Spider Riviera wrote me this cause he is luffly:
She's known as the Pickle Fairy,
When she drinks she can get quite lairy,
but it's all done in fun,
when she gropes at your bum,
and starts singing like Mariah Carey.

Milknosugar wrote me this lovely poem:
hairy mary, pickle fairy
nink nank noo
scary? wary? little mary
she's far better than u

This was from Postal Ninja, my favouritest ninja ever:
Ooh, there is pickle fairy,
Nothing you can do but be merry,
Nothing about her is very scary,
For she is not a trucker named hairy larry,
She is a just a pickle with wings,
Throwing pickled fairy dust at things,
Very often seen in your local pub,
I can't find a rhyme with pub,
But she won't mind,
I have become friends with someone very kind.

b3tard wrote this one:
There once was a fairy who was a pickle
who loved to be hugged and tickled
until one day
she turned gay
and started to do little piddles

writerblock wrote this Ode to Fairy:
Pickle Fairy
Small and hairy
She comes in a jar...

Fickle, lairy,
Mardy Mary,
Gherkin superstar...

Nickel plated
Not ablated
Carapace of metal...

Cup of tea
Golly gee
I'll go put on the kettle.

Gonzo wrote this as part of his multi-panda:
There once was a girl named Pickle Fairy
who drank 10 pints and got a bit lairy
and then she ended up needing to take a piss
and she's in love with a guy named...ermm...chris.

I also have a page dedicated to me here:

I requested pickle fairy pictures:
Friz drew this:

Kristine drew this:

Postal Ninja drew this:

B3tard drew me this:

This one was done by Wildheart Baby

NobbyNobody did this wonderful one:

Azra3l made me this:

Maffers made me this:

Thanks to Ttssattsr for this:

This sexy if not scary version was created by Gilgamesh:

I'm also on his Marry/Shag/Kill game. Bastard.

Gonzy's Profile Vandalism (5 Facts)

* My name is Pickle Fairy, dispite me not being a pickle or a fairy... However, it is the name on my Passport.
* I am a big fan of Hollyoaks, Holding Hands and Chinese food.
* I am a bigger fan of doing these activtys with gonz.
* I once held the world record for Long Jump and Shot Put at the same time, I would tie the shot-put around my waste and chucked it as hard as I could.... I managed 25 yards
* This was also how I managed to escape from Holloway Prison.
* BONUS FACT - During the scene in Cruel Intentions where Sarah Michel Gellar gets her bum out, I was her stand-in for that.

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