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» Celebrity Encounters III

jerry springer, and others...
i live in west london and see b-list types about now and again, i spoke to ant or dec, they were both in the pub for an england world cup game. john leslie used to drink in a pub near me, and then suddenly disappeared for some reason. pretty much the same thing happened with justin lee colins, who had no compunction about cavorting with various young birds despite the fact it was well known he was, at the time, married with kids, as he wasn't shy about talking about it on tv, and this was at the height of his fame. but my favourite tale is one that i didn't personally see, but several friends, who are reliable witnesses, did.

jerry springer walks in to the pub with a young petite blonde hanging off his arm, in a tiny dress and towering heels. they are followed by a 6ft+ black bodyguard who is bursting out of a shiny suit as he is nearly as wide as he is tall. jerry goes to the bar, gets two drinks for him and his bird and they find a table. the muscle tries and fails to lurk inconspicuously, sans drink, near them. within seconds of them sitting down pretty much everyone in the pub starts chanting very loudly "JER-RY, JER-RY, JER-RY". they scarper almost immediately, having been in the pub for probably less than four minutes, to the sounds of the chant and hysterical laughter.
(Mon 9th Dec 2013, 3:03, More)