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Let's design some new icons - design some and we'll get them up on the site in a week or so. THANK YOU.
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B3ta newsletter 678 out now -The b3ta newsletter should be flying to your inbox now - it's a biggy, stuffed with jokes and projects You asked for it. You committed money for this so you're getting it. Version on the site too, but it's best in email. PLEASE SHARE EVERYTHING.
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Send B3ta Swag - B3tans. If you make cool stuff for sale then send us a freebee and we'll (if we like it) feature it on our swag page.
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B3ta newsletter 677 out now - this is the newsletter you paid for, crammed with B3ta projects - enjoy it.
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We're in the process of setting up a new email list for the b3ta newsletter. Make sure you sign up. Really, make sure you sign up. NOW! DO IT!
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We're aiming for a b3ta newsletter this Friday - if you've got a recommendation for what to put in it then either use our mailus form or post it on /links. And thank you for supporting the B3ta Patreon - the more people who support it, the more time we can spend working on the site to improve it for everyone, so please do.
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The replies to our Work Related Fuck-Ups thread are glorious - 16 short confessions to make you laugh including one from your esteemed B3ta editor Rob.
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It's Bill Drummond's 65th birthday, and to celebrate here's an extract of the brilliant KLF book by John Higgs - if you haven't read it you should, and if you have read it you should read it again. It gets better each time. Happy birthday Bill (a-ha, a-ha). Oh and here's the Amazon link to buy it.
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